Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy

Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy


The upper urinary tract and the lower urinary tract form the entire urinary tract system. Your upper urinary tract revolves around the ureters and kidneys. And the lower urinary tract entails the urethra and bladder. This system accounts for producing and removing urine from the body, regulating blood volume, controlling electrolyte levels, and balancing blood pH. 

Due to anatomical position, females are more likely to catch urinary tract infections than males. The urethras in females are close to the vagina. Therefore, the risk of getting UTIs becomes higher. This blog talks about UTIs in pregnancy. Reach out to your obstetrician in Siliguri for optimum pregnancy-associated care and guidance.

Bacteria is the main reason for getting UTIs. Be extra cautious about your hygiene and symptoms when you’re pregnant. Bladder infections tend to be less severe than kidney infections. Common signs of UTIs include frequent urination, often urge to urinate, painful urination, cloudy urine, a burning feeling when you pee, and dark-coloured urine. Specifically, the signs of kidney infections include nausea, fever, pain felt in the upper back, and vomiting.

UTIs in Pregnancy – What You Need to Know

During pregnancy, your body undergoes changes. The growing fetus creates pressure on your bladder. It may cause leftover urine, uplifting the chance of infection. Hormonal shifts during gestation also increase the likelihood of UTIs. Vesicoureteral reflux can result from hormonal shifts, causing urine to flow backward from your bladder to the ureters, and, sometimes, to the kidneys.

Urine contains more sugar, and protein during gestation. Proteinuria and glycosuria are common conditions in expectant mothers. Do not ignore the signs like extreme hunger, night-time urination, extreme thirst, leaking urine more often, frequent urination, lack of appetite, too much puffiness around the eyes, edema, foamy urine, muscle cramps at night, shortness of breath, nausea, or vomiting.

Preventive Ways to Know

In order to keep yourself from UTIs, a few steps you should follow, such as – drinking adequate amounts of water every day, avoiding artificial sweeteners, juices, and drinks, eating wholesome foods, wiping yourself from front to back after bathroom activities, not holding urine longer, refraining from douching, and alcohol consumption, emptying the bladder before and after intercourse, wearing cotton briefs, skipping vaginal wash products, using a mild/chemical-free wash with lukewarm/normal water.

Individuals who had UTIs recently should be more attentive to their well-being. Undiagnosed UTIs in expectant mothers may result in several complications, like  - anemia, premature labour/delivery, adult respiratory distress syndrome, kidney infections, or low birth weight baby. In case you suspect UTI in you, make sure to get medical consultancy. Talk to your maternal health care expert for absolute advice and care.

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