Your Guide to a Safe Abortion

Your Guide to a Safe Abortion


Abortion is sometimes either a debatable or a sensitive topic to discuss on. There are plenty of notions regarding abortion, women often run by emotions or stress, use to rely merely on the internet, or unauthorized sources, that without a doubt can lead them to more confusion. Consulting an expert is a way to get complete and safe guidance for your unwanted pregnancy. The practice of abortion is not necessarily underlying the reason for unwanted pregnancy, there can be other issues like serious health complications. For your better understanding of abortion book an appointment with Dr. Monika Agarwal, one of the most trusted gyne doctors in Siliguri.

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  • What is abortion?
  • Early symptoms of pregnancy
  • Treatment

What is abortion?

Simply put, abortion refers to the medical practice of terminating a pregnancy. It is a completely safe process of removing a fetus or embryo from your uterus. But, always remember this process is considered safe only when you undergo the guidance f your medical care provider.

Go for a reliable source for a healthy abortion. Visit Dr. Monika Agarwal, is one of the proficient gyne doctors in Siliguri.

Early symptoms of pregnancy

During pregnancy, women get to experience several hormonal changes. The most common early sign of pregnancy is when you miss a menstruation cycle, also nausea, vomiting, changes in the breast, a feeling of stress, or frequent urination can be the indicators of pregnancy.

See your doctor for confirming if you’re pregnant, at the same time these symptoms are not significantly indicating your pregnancy.


Your gyne will provide you with suitable suggestions for your abortion depending on your state of affairs, you can also go for contraceptive counseling as per your doctor’s guidance. There are two effective medical procedures for abortion.

  • Medical Abortion: this process aims at ending a pregnancy with the help of medication. It holds more comfort for you, neither surgery nor anesthesia is required. You can receive this treatment either in a medical center or at your home, considered fruitful in your first trimester.
  • Surgical Abortion: this practice terminates the placenta and fetus right from your uterus by using local anesthesia and medication for reducing pain. After widening the front of the cervix, a tiny suction tube will be placed to remove the fetus including other substances related to pregnancy.

           You can expect recovery within 1 to 2 days of your surgery.


Consult your gynecologist for a clear understanding of the abortion procedure.

If you’re seeking gyne doctors in Siliguri, visit Dr. Monika Agarwal, she is one of the most renowned obstetrician doctors in the town, treating patients with great care and compassion.

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