Infertility In Females – Here’s What to know

Infertility In Females – Here’s What to know


In females, infertility is an inability to conceive naturally. In males, infertility is an inability to impregnate their female partners. If you’ve been trying for conceiving for 1 year through unprotected sexual intercourse but can achieve pregnancy, see your doctor. Under an apt health examination, your specialist determines if you have fertility concerns.

It can be your food habit that creates reproductive concerns. Obesity, on the other hand, may lead to conceiving issues. Irregular periods, extremely painful periods, and vaginal spotting have never been a part of the normal menstrual cycle. For fertility care, you might consider seeing the leading gynaecologist and IVF specialist in Siliguri.

Make sure you inform your healthcare provider if you have any of these problems. Doctors help examine why you have been undergoing irregular or abnormal periods. Get all medical checkups done as suggested. Lifestyle-associated factors for female infertility include:

  • Food choices can affect or benefit your reproductive system. So, choose them wisely for regular consumption. Excessive consumption of white rice, mashed potatoes, dairy products, donuts, caffeine, alcohol, highly processed foods, saturated fats, and trans fats (baked foods, fast food, packaged foods, and canned foods) can interfere with your reproductive tract. At the same time, such foods put your overall well-being at risk.
  • Several studies show the link between smoking and infertility. Active smoking or prolonged exposure to secondhand tobacco smoking can make conceiving downright difficult. Tobacco smoking might affect the fallopian tubes, and damage egg quality. The likelihood of miscarriage and ectopic/tubal pregnancy also increases with active smoking. Get expert attention so that you can heal such an urge.
  • Obesity has become a prominent medical condition worldwide. It can play havoc with reproductive well-being. Simultaneously, excessive body weight can put your heart health, lung health, and hormonal balance at risk. Modifying your diet plan and lifestyle aids in weight management. If obesity runs in your family, consult your doctor for maintaining healthy body weight.
  • A sedentary lifestyle or physical inactivity is another common contributing factor to infertility. Lack of exercise can interfere with your reproductive tract. The risk of polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal imbalance, and obesity might uplift with a lack of exercise. Plus, a sedentary lifestyle may harm cardiovascular health.

Medical conditions that bring about infertility in females involve - endometriosis, uterine problems, cervical causes, damage to the fallopian tubes, and sexually transmitted diseases. More advanced maternal age can be a concern here. Consult a fertility doctor or IVF specialist in Siliguri. IVF is a clinical procedure that helps achieve pregnancy.

Proper health checkups and medical guidelines to understand before receiving the process. Experts may prescribe medications to restore fertility. There’re several treatments/procedures available to attain pregnancy. You might need to work on your weight prior to getting IVF done.

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