How Does Sperm Quality Affect IVF Success?

How Does Sperm Quality Affect IVF Success?


During IVF treatments earlier a lot of focus was put on the female egg and embryo quality but less attention was given to the malefactors in the treatment. Very less was known about male infertility and the importance of sperm quality. The advent of more specialized tests that use DNA to check for the quality of the sperm suggests that sperm quality does matter in IVF treatments.

IVF specialists in Siliguri test and prioritize both the male and the female fertility rate and causes equally. With proper help, if the sperm quality can be improved in some cases the couple can go forward with natural pregnancy and IVF will not even be required. There are other treatments and IVF for male infertility that can help you bring home a baby.

Table of content:

1. How does sperm quality get affected?

2. Cause of low-quality sperm

3. IVF for male infertility

How does sperm quality get affected?

The advent of more advanced testing like DNA testing showed when and how the sperm experiences damage the most. Sperm analysis was a visual test that indicated the sperm quality. However, it gave doctors a limited understanding.

With DNA testing it was found that the sperm goes through the maximum of damage after they leave the testicle where they are produced and enter the reproductive tract where they are stored, transported, and mature. The testicle is a highly protected environment that is rich in antioxidants helps in neutralizing the free radicles that cause DNA damage.

The sperm becomes a lot more vulnerable once they move out of this protective environment. They also suffer when mixed with the prostate fluids especially if there are inflammations in the reproductive tract. According to IVF specialists, such low-quality sperm can be used in IVF treatments to increase pregnancy rates if taken care of.

Cause of low-quality sperm

Various factors could result in low quality of sperms in males. These include possibilities like physical conditions, medications, exposure to chemicals, and toxins. Some other factors include:

  • Varicoceles
  • Prostate injections
  • Blockages
  • Antidepressant medications
  • Chemotherapy during cancer treatment
  • Fever
  • High caffeine intake
  • Smoking

IVF for male infertility

If IVF specialists in Siliguri find low-quality sperms that cannot be treated they often recommend IVF for male infertility. This increases the chance of pregnancy and is a good option.

The chances for fertilization increase even with low quality sperm because:

  • Sperms with low quality can still be used for fertilization during IVF with a number of methods which does not let the sperm suffer much damage and lessens the traveling time for it.
  • Low sperm count can still achieve fertilization through IVF

Fertilization when done under extremely controlled conditions will help in retaining the quality of sperm to an extent that can be sued for the egg to fertilize. Sperm quality issues can also be treated if possible and then normal pregnancy can be tried. This is a case which doctors may suggest if there is a chance.

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