Fertility Guidance From The Best Gynaecologist In Siliguri

Fertility Guidance From The Best Gynaecologist In Siliguri


The reproductive system is very delicate. And Fertility refers to a state of being fertile (conceiving a baby for females). For males, it’s an ability to impregnate their female partners. In this blog, you see how females can boost their fertility in the right way.

Apart from different diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problem, the lifestyle that you follow may affect it too. Thus, your way of living has a role here. Access to safe and proper guidance is what you need to keep you from reproductive problems. You can seek infertility treatment from the best gynaecologist in Siliguri.


Signs Of Infertility

Warning Signs of Fertility Issues in Females


An inability to get pregnant even after several attempts is the most prominent sign of infertility in females. Other possible female infertility signs can be:

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Missing period
  • Irregular periods
  • Painful menstrual cycle
  • Pelvic pain
  • Weight gain
  • More acne-prone skin
  • Painful sex


These signs can be a warning sign of other reproductive health issues. Therefore, be sure to let your gynecologist know about the changes or discomforts you’ve developed.


Understanding the Lifestyle Oriented Risk Factors for Female Infertility

Below are some of the factors that can trigger female fertility:


Unhealthy Eating

People who are more on fast foods, junk foods, refined foods need to be extra attentive to their lifestyle. Regardless of gender, food can affect your health or can contribute to good health.

Infertility is not a direct outcome of a poor diet; it gradually triggers reproductive organs, heart, blood sugar levels that may lead to fertility issues eventually. Plus, physical inactivity can play havoc with your reproductive organs.

Ask your gynaecologist for a diet plan/chart to ensure good fertility health.


Poor Practices

There are endless bad practices that people feel dependent on. However, smoking and alcohol addiction is the most common amongst all. Have look at what smoking does to your reproductive health:

  • Affects fallopian tubes that may lead to ectopic pregnancy
  • May cause miscarriage
  • May lead to cervical changes
  • Damages the eggs

On the other hand, heavy alcohol consumption causes ovulation disturbance. Women with such a problem may undergo irregular/heavy periods.


Obesity & Underweight

BMI (Body Mass Index) has an important role in a healthy pregnancy. Both conditions being underweight and overweight can be responsible for fertility complications.

Talk to your specialist that you can optimally balance your weight. Do not go for “the fastest way to increase weight” or any kind of technique that ensures “overnight results”.


Fertility Tips from Gynaecologist

Best Things You Can Do To Improve Your Fertility

  • Eat wholesome foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, quinoa, beans, legumes, unsalted nuts, seeds; but in moderation)
  • Avoid foods rich in trans fats
  • Take more fiber
  • Exercise every day; it can be walking, yoga, do not go for practicing strenuous ones. Seek your doctor’s advice before practicing any.
  • Refrain from caffeine, smoking, alcohol.
  • Get advice from your doctor before taking supplements.
  • Take rest & sleep well.
  • Take care of your oral and dental hygiene.
  • A routine health check-up is a must.
  • Being around a healthy surrounding/home life during pregnancy is essential.


If you’re looking for infertility treatment from the best IVF specialist in Siliguri, reach out to the best hospital in town. Your IVF doctor provides you with quality guidance on how you can proceed ahead with your journey towards motherhood.

You can also seek an OB-GYN’s consultancy; an OB-GYN is both an obstetrician and gynecologist. An obstetrician provides complete care (antenatal care to postnatal care) for pregnant women or women who’re planning pregnancy. Also, they ensure medical assistance for high-risk pregnancies. Experience healthy pregnancy with optimal care from your medical expert.

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