A Day in The Life Of A Midwife

A Day in The Life Of A Midwife


The nurse-midwifery industry is growing rapidly. It is a job that requires enough strength to empower women daily. From talking to women about pregnancy to handling babies and patients with sexually transmitted diseases, it is all about women. It is a very unique approach in the medical field and in maternal health that needs quality education, treatment, training, and collaboration with the healthcare team.

Nurse-midwives are increasing in hospitals and as certified individuals everywhere because of their integral role in the hospital systems and healthcare. You may want to know about obstetricians in Siliguri or thinking of being one. This blog provides the essential information one needs to know.

Table of content:

1. Qualification required in being a midwife

2. What does the work of midwives look like?

3. Difference between an OB, a midwife, and a Doulas

Qualifications required in being a midwife

If you are planning to become a midwife you need to have a graduate degree in midwifery. You need to practice as a registered nurse and require clinical experience as a student nurse-midwife as well. You can also opt for further qualifications like Master degree in Nursing and be an obstetrician also.

Certified obstetricians in Siliguri can be contacted. They are licensed and are well versed in the field with a quality experience.

What does the work of midwives look like?

Midwives are healthcare providers who are trained to support women in physiological birth, i.e. birth using the body’s own power. There are different types of midwives and most of them have different genres to work in.

They take care of a woman's health during her pregnancy, looking after their birth control, delivery, annual visits, and taking care of the baby as well. They also care through pregnancy like prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum. Midwives approach a pattern that is specific to their field which is different from the medical way of doing things.

The midwives can work in hospitals as well individually according to their preferences. However, all of them need to be certified to practice the profession. Most of their work starts in the morning shift in hospitals and carried throughout the day. Sometimes night duties may occur due to emergency cases as well.

As good and nice as the job may sound it can be difficult and hectic. It is not always that deliveries are successful which can take a toll on emotional, mental, and physical health. One cannot let such incidents affect them and be strong to bear with them while providing support to their patients at the time.

If you are looking for a midwife you can contact obstetricians in Siliguri and get let them know why you need one. Make sure to ask for the services of a certified midwife always.

Difference between an OB, a midwife, and a Doula

Midwives are trained health care personnel to look after physiological birth whereas an OB is a surgeon who has special skills in delivery and does not follow the physiological way. A Doula on the other hand only provides emotional and physical support throughout labor and no medical care.

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