5 Things You Must Discuss With Your Best Gynaecologist

5 Things You Must Discuss With Your Best Gynaecologist


When we discuss the term gynaecology, it includes the treatment of female reproductive organs disorders. The service and health treatments include Pap tests, pelvic exams, cancer screening, and other vaginal infections.

There is a misconception that during pregnancy one can consult with a gynaecologist which is not true. You can consult with the best gynaecologist in Siliguri if you are under the following conditions such as breast exams, painful cramps, menopause, pregnancy complication, menstrual irregularities, pain or discomfort, urine abnormalities.

Here are 5 things you should always discuss:

1) Painful Periods

For many women, it is considered an unpleasant time. The menstruation symptoms include cramping, breast soreness, headaches, and dizziness. Sometimes period pain goes beyond them and even worst over time. Therefore it’s an important thing to speak to your gynaecologist and make the conditions under control.

2) Vaginal Odor

Though vaginal odor is an uncomfortable topic, it’s also an important topic you must consult with your doctor if there is any change from your normal smell lasting for few days. Any changes such as foul or fishy smell beyond your normal odor are often considered as vaginal infection or bacterial growth.

3) Sexual Discomfort

Though it’s uncomfortable but for your health perspective, it’s a serious talk with your preferred gynaecologist. Vaginal dryness during intercourse is experienced by many women due to low estrogen. If you feel discomfort during intercourse, it is suggested to take help immediately from your doctor without any delay.

 4) Urinary Leakage

Urinary leakage is one of the most stressful things many women have experienced with.  The symptoms even may get critical during menopause. These symptoms often happen after childbirth or if have a large baby or a delivery requires any vacuum. In this condition, the best remedy will be given by none other than the gynaecologist. With proper treatment protocols, it can be cured.

5) Low Libido

While, it is a more common factor, but many women still preferred to talk to their gynaecologist about this topic to discover the cause of it. Sometimes it is happened due to medications, stress, past relationship issues, and work pressure. Whatever the situation is, talking with a gynaecologist will definitely solve your problems.

Well, an obstetrician is also a medical specialist who deals with pregnancy, unborn child, labor and delivery, and women’s reproductive system. During pregnancy, an obstetrician checks and monitors your health, which includes tests and measurements, high blood pressure, diabetes, genetic disorders.

If you are facing any problems regarding your reproductive system, feel free to book an immediate appointment with an obstetrician in Siliguri

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